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Saraf ® ME Bi-Functional dyes

These are mixed bifunctional reactive dyes where Vinyl Sulphone group is linked to chromophore through a monochloro triazine group as a bridge link.  They are applicable on cellulosic material at lower dyeing temperature of 60ºC.  The main features of Bifunctional Dyes are as under:

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Saraf ® ED Dyes Tri-Functional dyes

The Saraf® ED range of novel reactive dyestuffs has been designed and developed to satisfy increasing Ecological, Efficient and Economic standards. There are recommended for cellulosic fibers, including blends, for use in exhaust and continuous dyeing.

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Saraf ® VS Dyes VinlySulphone dyes

Saraf® VS Dyes are Reactive Dyes possesing Vinyl Sulphone as the reactive group.  In presence of Alkali, these dyes chemically react with the hydroxyl group of cellulose and form firm, covalent linkages.  These dyes are versatile enough to suit different dyeing methods.  Results are excellent and shades come clean and brilliant with no variation in dyeing as well as in printing.

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Saraf® Printing Reactive Dyes

These are monochlorotriazine reactive dyes having a low reactivity and low substantivity. Since these dyes have low reactivity, they require more severe conditions for fixation with cellulosic materials. They are readily soluble by pouring water of 80-85ºC on powder & stirring well.

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Saraf Dyechem Industries is a part of Saraf Group founded in 1977. With a humble beginning, now the group has grown epidemically and is ideally positioned to serve the needs of our clients spread across the World. Initially Saraf Group was engaged only in dyestuffs but later on expanded into Pigment Powders, Granite, Sandstone & other Natural Stones. Now the group has its presence in 42 countries across the globe with annual sales of over 3 billion.

The company’s strengths lie in its ability to provide a vast range of high quality Reactive Dyes for Cellulose substrate under the brand Saraf ®. Apart from the conventional range of Reactive Dyes, we also offer specialized dyestuffs similar to multinational brands & Saraf ® ED Type Trifunctional Dyes. All our products are ECO Friendly & AZO-Free. The company has acquired ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2017. All our dyestuffs are GOTS certified and many of them are registered under REACH & OEKO-Tex 100.

We believe in quality, service, timely delivery along with competitive price to our clients for a long term relationship.