November 23, 2017

Saraf® ME Dyes (Bifunctional Dyes)

These are mixed bifunctional reactive dyes where Vinyl Sulphone group is linked to chromophore through a monochloro triazine group as a bridge link.  They are applicable on cellulosic material at lower dyeing temperature of 60ºC.  The main features of Bifunctional Dyes are as under:

1. The dye-fibre bond between Vinylsulfone group and cellulose is stable to acid hydrolysis, so  that stability of dyed goods in industrial acidic atmosphere is very good with the time lapse.

2. The dyes which are not fixed during the dyeing process can be washed off easily because the hydrolysis dye has low substantivity and thus there is a little risk of staining of adjacent whites.

3. Excellent levelling properties.

4. Better reproducibility in dyeings.

5. High exhaustion and high fixation efficiency.

6. Good all round fastness properties.Bi-functional dyes are applicable on cellulosic materials by dyeing as well as printing methods.

Product Name C I Name
Saraf® Yellow ME4GL 150% Reactive Yellow 186
Saraf® Yellow ME7GL 150% Reactive Yellow 185
Saraf® Yellow SPR Not Indexed
Saraf® Yellow 3RS Reactive Yellow 176
Saraf® Golden Yellow MERL 150% Reactive Yellow 145
Saraf® Golden Yellow HF-2GR 150% Reactive Yellow 145
Saraf® Golden Yellow ME3RL 150% Reactive Yellow 205
Saraf® Orange ME2RL 150% Reactive Orange 122
Saraf® Orange ME3RL 150% Reactive Orange 127
Saraf® Scarlet SHF-2G 150% Reactive Red 222
Saraf® Scarlet 2GF 150% Reactive Red 222A
Saraf® Red GF 150% Reactive Red 223
Saraf® Red ME3BL Reactive Red 194
Saraf® Red 3BS 150% Reactive Red 239
Saraf® Red ME4BL 150% Reactive Red 195
Saraf® Red HF-6BN 150% Reactive Red 195
Saraf® Red ME6BL 150% Reactive Red 250
Saraf® Red BS Reactive Red 111
Saraf® Navy Blue ME2GL Reactive Blue 194
Saraf® Brill. Blue BRF 150% Reactive Blue 221
Saraf® Brill. Blue BRS 150% Reactive Blue 221A
Saraf® Brill. Blue MEGN Not Indexed
Saraf® Navy Blue BF 150% Reactive Blue 222
Saraf® Navy Blue SB Reactive Blue 222A
Saraf® Navy Blue 3GF Reactive Blue 223
Saraf® Navy Blue ME2RL Reactive Blue 248