November 23, 2017

Saraf® Cold Brand Dyes
(Dichloro Triazine Type)

These dyes are of particular interest in the dyeing and printing of cellulosic fibres, such as Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Cuprammonium and Polynosic rayons.

`M’ Brand Dyes are highly reactive requiring comparatively milder conditions in dye fixation.  They are primarily of interest in dyeing at normal room temperature (about 25-35ºC) using Soda Ash or Sodium Bicarbonate.

`M’ Reactive Dyes are applicable to cellulosic textiles by Batch – wise, semi-continuous and Continuous methods in conventional textile machinery like Open-vat, Package, Jet, Jig, Winch and Padding Mangle.  The versatility in various application procedures and the availability of a wide range of bright and fast shades are the outstanding features of this class dyestuffs

Product Name C I Name
Saraf® Yellow M4G Reactive Yellow 22
Saraf® Yellow M8G Reactive Yellow 86
Saraf® Yellow M4R Reactive Orange 14
Saraf® Yellow M3R Reactive Orange 86
Saraf® Golden Yellow MR Reactive Yellow 44
Saraf® Orange M2R Reactive Orange 4
Saraf®  Red M5B Reactive Red 2
Saraf®  Red M8B Reactive Red 11
Saraf®  Pink MB Reactive Red 74
Saraf®  Violet M4R Reactive Violet 12
Saraf®  Magenta MB Reactive Violet 13
Saraf®  Violet M2R Reactive Violet 14
Saraf®  Blue MR Reactive Blue 4
Saraf®  Navy Blue M3R Reactive Blue 9
Saraf®  Blue M2R Reactive Blue 81
Saraf®  Blue M4GD Reactive Blue 168
Saraf®  Blue M7RX Reactive Blue 161