February 28, 2017

Saraf® High Exhaust [HE] Dyes

HE Dyes are suitable for dyeing cotton and other cellulosic materials.  These dyes possess significantly higher exhaustion and fixation efficiency which results in appreciable cost reduction.  In comparison to conventional reactive dyes. The high fixation and good build up are of particular importance when dyeing polyester/ cellulosic blends where liquor : goods ratio is quite high.

Due to higher fixation of HE Dyes, the drained and wash liquors after dyeing contain much less quantity of unfixed dyes, in comparison to conventional reactive dyes, which is of interest when pollution control is a major concern to everybody.  This facilities quicker wash off and efficient soaping.  The improved stability of HE Dyes given improved batch to batch consistency.  Exhaustion of HE dyes can be controlled by salt addition and temperature to give level dyeing before alkali addition.

The other useful features of HE Dyes are as under:

1. Excellent build-up in high as well as low liquor : goods ratio.
2. The high fixation is of particular importance when dyeing polyester / cellulosic blend when liquor / goods ratio is quite high. Under the circumstances, conventional reactive dyes show low dyeing efficiency and poor build-up.
3. Excellent reproducibility.
4. Wide applicability on yarn, piece material, loose stock and garments.
5. Wide choice of equipment to suit particular application.

Product Name C I Name
Saraf® Yellow HE6G Reactive Yellow 135
Saraf® Yellow HE4G Reactive Yellow 105
Saraf® Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow 84
Saraf® Golden Yellow HER Reactive Yellow 84:1
Saraf® Orange HER Reactive Orange 84
Saraf® Orange HE2R Reactive Orange 94
Saraf® Red HE3B Reactive Red 120
Saraf® Red HE7B Reactive Red 141
Saraf® Red HE8B Reactive Red 152
Saraf® Turquoise Blue HA Reactive Blue 71
Saraf® Turquoise Blue H-5G Reactive Blue 25
Saraf® Blue HEGN 125% Reactive Blue 198
Saraf® Blue HERD Reactive Blue 160
Saraf® Navy Blue HR /RX Reactive Blue 59
Saraf® Navy Blue HER 150% Reactive Blue 171
Saraf® Navy Blue HE2R Reactive Blue 172
Saraf® Green HE4BD Reactive Green 19
Saraf® Green HE4B Reactive Green 19:1
Saraf® Black HEBL Reactive Black 160