February 2, 2017

Quality Policy


Central Q/C Lab


Production Q/C Lab

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At Saraf we believe in giving the best quality to our customers and exceed their expectations. In order to meet quality control requirements we have taken ISO 9001-2008 certification, thus making all the Q/C process transparent and well documented.

Our Q/C & R&D lab is well equipped with most modern equipments for testing of Reactive Dyes and is being regularly upgraded with new systems and devices as per market needs.

  • Spectrophotometer by Datacolour
  • Spectrophotometer by Premier
  • UV Liquid Spectrophotometer
  • Automatic Stock Solution Maker
  • Sandolab Supermat Lab Dyeing Machine
  • Rota Beaker Dyeing Machine
  • Digital Pan Balances
  • Pneumatic Padding Mangles
  • Digital PH Meter
  • Motorised Tester for checking Solubility
  • Automatic Printing Machine
  • Steamer for Printing

Our R&D constantly works on developing new products and improving the quality of our current products and thereby reducing their costs & make them more eco-friendly.